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Some Of Our Customers


Acevedo Consulting, Inc

Jean Acevedo, President & Sr. Consultant – Acevedo Consulting, Inc.

“As a small business owner I couldn’t afford an  IT employee, yet I recognized how important it is to make sure I have the right systems for my business and that the appropriate security measures be in place on an ongoing basis.  I believe Acevedo Consulting Incorporated was one of EAE Consulting’s first clients in 2002 and we have remained with them ever since. As my small business grew and the computer system needs changed, it was reassuring to know that Ed Etchells and his team were there to guide me to the right solutions at a price I could afford.  Having functioned as our off-site “IT Department” all these years, he was familiar with our setup and was able to steer us in the right direction the first time.”


Landmark Insurance Agency

Michael Bottey – Landmark Insurance Agency

“I was recently required by the mother company I represent to replace all of the company supplied hardware and software with our own personally financed equipment. Needless to say, in this environment that was an expenditure that was painful. Ed sat with me and developed a plan and painstakenly researched the materials we could use, with options for scale and price. I’m very happy with the performance and value I received from Ed and would recommend him to anyone as their IT expert! By the way, I did watch others in my same circle who went with low cost/low experience route, and they are paying for it now.”


Greens Management Company

Greens Management Company is the Premiere Agronomic consulting firm in the world.  With clients all around the globe, EAE Consulting has provided Virtiual CIO/CTO services for Greens Management company to ensure that it’s associates have the right technology to keep their business running from anywhere in the world.


Royal Florida Properties

Royal Florida Properties is a full service Real Estate and Property Management company located in Boca Raton, Fl.  EAE Consulting manages the IT Infrastructure for Royal Florida Properties.


Royal Florida Insurance

Royal Florida Insurance is a full service Insurance Agency and is an affiliate of Royal Florida Properties.  EAE Consulting manages Royal Florida Insurance’s IT Infrastructure.