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One of the most complex and expensive services that organizations take on is MS Exchange Server.  It requires robust, dedicated hardware and the technical staff to manage and maintain it.  However, it is one of the most critical services an organization utilizes with both its internal and external customers.

Many smaller organizations fail to take advantage of this powerful collaboration suite because it is just too complex and too expensive for their business.

As more and more businesses distribute their workforce around the globe, hosted services become the obvious solution.

EAE Consulting specializes in Hosted MS Exchange Server.  Get the full benefit and collaboration of MS Exchange Server.  Our solution allows you to take advantage of this technology that every business needs on a simple, low, pay as you go, per user, per month basis.  You can scale up or down as needed.  Best of all, there is no hardware to purchase and maintain.

Your mailboxes are hosted in tier 4 datacenters and feature high availability and are highly redundant.

Call us today at (561) 503-2071 to learn how MS Exchange Server can empower your business or visit our MS Exchange product page to learn more about the full feature set.